Legal Notice

General conditions: Cancellation of the booking:

The customer can cancel his booking. If the cancellation is made within the period up to April 1 of the year of rental, 50% of the pre-payment ( booking) will be retained as a handling fee and the cost of the bank transaction and the remaining amount will be refunded.

If the cancellation is made after April 1st of the year of rental, no amount will be refunded to the customer.

The cancellation of the booking must be communicated to the e-mail or to the fax. +34 972 363 105.

In case of reservation of some properties from June 15th to August 30th you have to pay 100% of the price. This condition will have been written in the property description and reservation confirmation.

General Conditions of the Rental Contract:

DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L. is a real estate agency, registered in the corresponding registry with the number aicat4724, with domicile in C/Camprodon i Arrieta 29, CP17310, with the CIF B55097257, acts as a representative and on behalf of the owners, limiting its responsibilities only to those of the representation.

The legal relation that is being formalized at the moment is of lease of housing of tourist use and is subject to the Decree 164/2010, of November 9, of regulation of the housings of tourist use and to the clauses of the present document, remaining totally outside the application of the articulate of the law of urban leases applicable to the residential housing.

DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L. has the right to evict guests in the event of negligent behaviour that may cause damage and/or disturbance to the neighbours or the rented property, without the right to a refund of the amounts paid, without prejudice to the right to compensation that the property may have for any damage suffered.

Registration, signature of the contract and inventory, deposit and delivery of the keys.

Reception is at the DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L. office between 4 and 9 p.m. If the Client’s arrival is scheduled outside these hours, he must notify DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L. by tel+34 972 363 105, e-mail so that another time can be arranged for registration.

Upon receipt and registration, the customer must identify himself with his passport or national identity card in case of European nationality. Failure to present the above-mentioned documents may be grounds for non-admission without the right to a refund of the amount paid by the customer.

At the time of registration, the client must sign the rental contract with these clauses and the inventory list of the property, for which purpose he will have a period of 24 hours to review the correspondence of this inventory list with the content of the property, after which it will be understood that it has been accepted.

At this time the client must pay the remaining amount of the reservation and constitute a deposit in the amount written in the reservation confirmation that will be returned at the time of eviction of the property provided that it is delivered in the same conditions as received and has complied with the contents of these general conditions.

In the office of DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L the keys of the house will be given to the client.

Rights and obligations of the customer - tenant:

The Client shall have the right to remain in and enjoy the contracted property and its installations during the period reserved or expressly agreed with DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L.

The Client, during his stay, must respect the rules of the Community in which the property is located and the nightly rest of the neighbours which is from 22:00 hours to 8:00 hours; to have the careful treatment with the property, with its facilities, electrical appliances, furniture and the decorations; to maintain everything in good condition. The Customer will be responsible for the amount of the repair of the damages produced by him in the house and the objects that integrate it, as well as in the common parts of the property or to the neighbors, that will be discounted from the deposit and if this one was not sufficient, the Customer will have to facilitate the bank information (account number, IBAN and BIC) for the collection of the amount corresponding to the repair.

On the day of departure, the Client must leave the house clean and comply with the following conditions:

1.- Leave the dishes and cutlery clean and stored in their original place

2.- To have the appliances empty of objects.

3.- To collect all the garbage from the house and the garden/terrace and to deposit it in the pertinent containers

4.- Leave the fireplace and barbecue empty and clean

5.- Put the furniture of the house and the terrace in its place the furniture of the terrace is in its place and that there is no garbage in the garden and/or the terrace

In the event that the cleaning conditions are not met, DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L. may deduct up to 250.00 euros from the deposit for the cleaning of the house.

You have to leave the house from 8h to 10h on the day of the end of your stay. Delay of departure may imply additional charges up to 100Euros, in case if it was not preliminarily agreed with Diamond House-LLORETHOLIDAY, SL

The costs of supplies such as water, gas, electricity are included in the price of the stay. In the event of needing any of the additional services, it is advisable for the Client to contact DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L. to confirm the provision of such services, their cost and conditions.

Maximum number of occupants.

The maximum number of occupants will be marked on each property. Under no circumstances may the Client exceed the maximum indicated. DIAMOND HOUSE-LLORETHOLIDAY, S.L. retains the right to immediately evict any person who exceeds the maximum number of occupants.

The terms of the under-18 agreement According to the regulations for under-18s that do not require adults in the group.

1.- Payment must be made by the parents.
2.- The contract must be signed by the parents, always enclosing a photocopy of their passport.
3.- The parents must provide in writing before a notary the permission to travel abroad and for the accommodation of the house / apartment.

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